Does Your Dog Show Signs of Arthritis?

Many have said that dog is man’s best friend, and this is why most of these lovable creatures are treated like family. This is also the reason why there are tons of pet owners who find it difficult to see them in pain. When a dog grows older, it will definitely show signs of slowing down, just like humans. One of the most common ailments with older dogs are bouts of arthritis. What is a solution?

Does My Dog Have Canine Arthritis?

Ever heard of glucosamine chondroitin for dogs? Just like people, dogs need to constantly exercise, especially as they grow older. This is because inactivity can lead to them starting bouts of joint pains. As these progress, dogs might end up in situations where muscle stiffness becomes the bane of their existence — where you’ll find them slumped in a corner, unwilling to move.

With glucosamine, you have a substance that naturally occurs in the body of your pet. Most of it can actually be found within healthy cartilage. This is why you need to make sure that they move around, as doing so supports the formation of healthy cartilage. Even if the glucosamine dosage for dogs varies depending on their size, weight, and breed, it offers the same benefit for all kinds.

Glucosamine is a substance that helps repair and strengthen cartilage especially in aging pets. In doing so, it helps prevent the onset of or manage arthritis. Arthritis can be quite painful so it really is a wise idea to spend on some of the best joint supplements for dogs if your pooch is quite elderly. The reason behind this is that as time passes, dogs age, and when they do, their body’s ability to produce a significant amount of much-needed glucosamine dwindles. And with this comes the natural slowing down of the repair process for muscles that wear out over time.

Based on research, joint supplements can actually be beneficial for your pets. Glucosamine supplements not only help with the rebuilding process but they can also help improve your beloved’s overall activity. This substance has an effect that’s anti-inflammatory, thus reducing sensations of pain.

Another benefit is that side effects are rather rare. This is probably the most common concern dog owners have when finding treatments for the onset of arthritis in their pets.

The best joint supplement for dogs can help increase their mobility and in doing so, improve their overall health by keeping them as active as possible. With this, you can expect your pet’s joints to be oiled just like an engine or high-functioning machine.

What’s more, glucosamine can help reduce or completely eliminate your pet’s need for NSAIDS or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Although these reduce pain, they won’t do anything else for your dog. Studies have also shown that these result to different side effects depending on the breed.

When you see your pet becoming more active, less stiff, and willing to play, this is a sign that the supplements are working. Since there are different brands to choose from, it’d be ideal if you consulted with your trusted veterinarian.