Puppies For Sale

It is not easy to choose a puppy to bring home. So many people want to get one, but once they do get one, things don’t go well as well as they thought. In fact, one of the leading reasons why people decide to get their dogs euthanized is bad behavior. These unfortunate cases and any other discomfort you may have with taking care of your pet dog can be prevented entirely if you know how to properly select a dog. So, before you go searching for puppy pugs for sale or just puppies for sale in general, here are 8 things you need to consider.

8 Tips When Buying a New Dog

  • Find out if the puppy fits with your lifestyle. Sure, they are puppies now, but they are not going to remain so forever. Dogs have different needs that will completely affect your personal life. For instance, it does not make sense to get a big dog if you live in a small apartment. If you’re not the athletic type, you shouldn’t go for breeds that need a lot of physical activity. Consult online resources or talk to someone with ample experience in handling puppies and dogs to determine which breed is best for you.
  • Determine whether you should get a pedigree puppy or a cross-bred one. When people say “best” puppy, they often have dogs with pedigree in mind. However, these puppies will require higher maintenance as they grow up. Years of pure breeding will result to dogs that are genetically consistent but that also means that they are also more susceptible to illnesses that they are genetically predisposed, such as in the case of pugs and hip dysplasia or dry eye. If you want a puppy that will grow to be a healthy dog and live a long life, you may want to consider looking at cross-breeds. Not only do they have better immune systems, but they also do not cost as much.
  • Understand that Kennel Club certification does not mean superior health. If the puppy is registered at the Kennel Club, it means that they truly belong to their breed as proven by generations before them. This should not be taken as proof that they are extremely healthy.
  • Consider adopting rescue puppies. Although they are rare because dog shelters often house older dogs, there are few things better in life than giving the needier dogs a chance.
  • Genetics is crucial. Once you have selected a particular breed and breeder, check their parents. Are the parents healthy? The health of the parents of the puppy you’re eyeing can serve as a clue to the health. After all, children will always take from their parents.
  • Prioritize physical health as well. When selecting from a litter of puppies, choose one that is of the best health condition. Look for a dog with no itchiness, scurfy skin, and a puppy that has a glossy coat.
  • Try to get some idea on the temperament of the puppy. Consider the puppy’s breed. Some are inherently stubborn, while some can be easily trained. Also, consider the puppy’s parents because their temperament could also be hereditary. When looking at puppies for sale, choose a calm puppy instead of a lively one since they turn out to be high energy dogs in the future.
  • Schedule vet visits. Ensure that your puppy gets the best healthcare possible by making an early appointment with the local veterinarian. Get your puppy checked for any conditions that may affect them in the future.

Getting a puppy for your home is almost similar to having children. You are responsible for the life of a living being, and so it’s important to be a responsible pet owner from the get go, starting from choosing the right puppy for your home.